What is Mispbo.com?

Mispbo Technologies was a company that created several packages of software, including a CD Burner, Biorhythm Software, Data Recovery Tool, Network Monitor, Registry Cleaner, and some sort of Subliminal Software (I’m not exactly sure what that is – sounds a little scary.) Apparently, the original Mispbo Technologies disappeared a long time ago. My company purchased the domain name at auction not having a clue as to who owned it before. The domain name is kinda catchy isn’t it?

After popping up a website, it became apparent that there were still people trying to download software. It looks like it was pretty good software – at least for the older operating systems.

Fortunately, the old Mispbo.com website and the free software was still in the internet archive directory. It has been downloaded and posted here – for free. The paid software was MIA. If your looking for that, good luck. It’s not on this website.

If you use any of the software posted on this website, you do so at your own risk. It’s free software and no warranties or guarantees are being made. It’s just being made available because it appears to be good software and some people are still interested in using it. Enjoy.

6 thoughts on “What is Mispbo.com?”

  1. I want to take a moment to THANK YOU for having this website up and running.

    I first discovered MISPBO Free Registry Cleaner a long time ago. I was amazed at how good it was, when compared to the many paid versions of other registry cleaners on the internet. In many cases, it was way better than any paid version of a registry cleaner that I ever found. It even has a registry defrag function as well. I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to keep their registry functional, and their computer running at smooth and at optimal speed.

    I want to add a user note about this software though…

    I found that it has to be manually installed; for, the ZIP file does not have any installation wizard in it. Therefore, in order to install it, go to your programs folder, and make a special folder there called, “MISPBO”. Download the ZIP archive to that folder and extract it. You will find an .exe file that says “mreg”. Make a shortcut from that file, and then cut and paste the shortcut into your start folder, preferably under “all users”, if there is more than one user account on Windows. Also, in order to uninstall it, I am assuming that all one needs to do is delete the contents of MISPBO in the programs folder.

    Additionally, I run this software on Windows XP Pro; so, I do not know how it performs on Windows 2000, Vista or Seven.

    Nevertheless, I hope you choose to continue posting this software; for, it is truly a great piece of work!

    -Nitrothor Hesperion

  2. I’ve been using MISPBO registry cleaner for 4 years now and it’s great! I have tried other cleaners, but this in my opinion is the best. I use it regularly to keep my system running smoothly and I’d recomend it without hesitation. Thanks to the original providers.

  3. I am in need of a custom program to generate subliminal flash messages on a PC computer screen which I can program and then
    distribute with the audio silent subliminals I make.

    If you can provide such a program or help me find a source, please send me a message back.

    Thank you,
    Pat Ryan
    Note: The software I need will not be sold, just used by me for my
    customer packages.

  4. I too, want to take a moment to THANK YOU for having this website up and running.
    Mispbo Technologies has created -in my opinion-the best Subliminal software.
    Better than Subliminal power.
    It certainly is not scary though. The C.I.A, and our own Government conducted studies on the effectiveness of subliminal
    science, and tried to get it banned in the 70’s! why?
    Because it was found to be scary effective.
    It is banned in England though.
    I can understand not wanting advertisers, and businesses using the technology to sell us stuff, but this fantastic freeware tool is for positive, benign purposes—and can be used safely, without worry.
    You can even write your own subliminals!
    Success Coach Tony Robbins , includes subliminal cd’s with his courses, and often attests to the effectiveness of subliminals.
    I highly recommend Subliminal Blaster , its free, very easy to use
    and has a simple, intuitive interface .
    Its a positive self-help tool that is a delight to use—–very recommended.——V.Huy

  5. P.S. I have the very latest Windows 7 home premium Operating
    system on my laptop—and Subliminal Blaster looks, and works
    just great!—-very sincerely, V.Huy

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